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October 30, 2020 | Technology | 5 Comments

Java uses a cup of coffee as it’s a symbol. There are interesting facts and history behind the java logo. The first java was introduced on May 23rd, 1995 designed by James Gosling and developed by Sun Microsystems. Originally java was named Oak and developed as part of the Green Project. Oak is a symbol of strength and is chosen as the national tree of many countries like the USA, France, Germany, and others.

If you are using and studying java you may have seen a cup of coffee. Did you ever think about why a cup of coffee? What is the logic behind programming language and coffee?  Here you can get interesting facts about the java logo behind this logic.

Java is the name of the island in Indonesia which is famous for coffee beans. It is said that while making Oak later java, they consumed a lot of coffee from java. It is also said that once they had a round table meeting coffee was served to all members, surprisingly the coffee was from java so they decided to name Java.

As mentioned James and the team introduced the java earlier in 1995. They started with normal programming and tested it on set up boxes, etc. Later their creation changed the whole world with different new technologies using java. Besides Python, C, C#, Swift, java is still the most used and popular programming language. It is easy to quickly learn which uses object-oriented programming concept. Java is also the most powerful programming language and used for developing applications, desktop applications, embedded systems, big data processing, and many others. As it is a popular programming language that runs 3 billion devices worldwide. Learners also asked many times a single question. Why java is a platform-independent language? Java is a platform-independent language which means we can write a java code in one platform and run the code on another platform.

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