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what is a computer?

July 27, 2019 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments


As the name specifies, the word “computer” comes from the Latin word “computare” which illustrates to calculate. For the world living today, we need to perform our work in such manner so that it could happen in a tremendous speed which can be achieved by the help one and only one electronic device or machine which as understood as “COMPUTER”. [commonly Operated Machine particularly Used for Education and Research] i.e computer is also termed as data processor as it can stores, process and retrieve data whenever we need. It has both advantages and disadvantages. It has wide applications.

fig: a diagrammatic overview of computer

     Another name of the computer is the data processor as it can store, process and recuse data whenever necessary.

There are three sub-activities that data processing can consist of; they are as follows:

  1. Capturing input data
  2. Manipulating the data
  3. Managing output results

For the mechanism of the data processing, data is used as raw material which when processed to produce information as output, further when information is processed it produces knowledge which is used for decision making purpose.

fig: data processing mechanism in computer

As you see in the above flow diagram, which illustrates the data processing mechanism in the computer.

So from the above figure, we are already aware of the data, information, and knowledge so we don’t need to elaborate about these components any more


Let us talk about the basic characteristics of the computer which are as follows:-

  • Speed:- the speed of the computer is measured in terms of the fraction of the second.
  • Automaticity:- computer does the job independently and without any human intervention when we give the appropriate data to it.
  • Diligence:- computer is capable of doing the same work again and again without affecting the speed.
  • Versatility:- it can perform a wide variety of tasks so that it is also called a versatile machine.
  • Large storage:- it can recall the required information almost instantaneously and can store a large amount of data.
  • Ability to communicate with other systems.
  • No felling:- as a computer is a machine it doesn’t have any feelings.
  • No intelligence:- computer is not intelligence as much as the human being.

Pro/advantages of the computer:-


  1. Always gives 100% correct result.
  2. Can do jobs repeatedly without getting bored.
  3. Is a fair or impartial machine.
  4. Store a large amount of data in its memory.
  5. Does its work automatically.
  6. Solve different types of work simultaneously.

Cons/limitations of the computer:-


  1. Doesn’t have the ability to decide itself.
  2. Is an expensive machine.
  3. Is risky to store data in a computer because data can be lost or damaged sometime.
  4. Require technical manpower to be operated.
  5. Cause data security problem if not handled appropriately.

Applications of the computer :

Nowadays there is no area where the computer cannot be used. Most of the crucial areas where the computer is widely used are

  1. Education
  2. Offices
  3. Medical
  4. Transportation
  5. Communication
  6. Research and development
  7. Banks
  8. Graphics design and editing